Oh My Bag Handle Wraps: Protect your Beloved Bags

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If boys love shoes, girls love bags so much! 👜 Girls find bags so fascinating, maybe because a girl would feel undressed without their bags. ‘Cos our bag contains life-saving kit including our cellphone, wallet, and even makeups.

Owning a well-known bag conclude a lot of things to people. I’m glad that Oh My Bag PH  sent me two of their handle wraps that will take care of my bag’s handles that will maintain the beauty and quality of my beloved bags. And it  will transform my simple bag into a stylish bag.



Oh My Bag PH of Yala Bags Tradings offers inexpensive and good quality Filipino-made bag care stuffs. They’re not just an online shop, they have branches in Binondo and Malate, too.

tmp_2292-images(2)1314953876They have wide range of stylish designs and bag care stuff such as:

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Product Details:


Price: P299.00
Approx. Dimensions:
Lenght 37.5 in
Width 1.5 in

Made from imported materials

wp-1462718662392.jpgThe Tylissa Pastels was made with Spandex sanitized and Polyester material, it’s actually soft and smooth satin-like cloth.


It’s manageable to use for tying and wrapping and it can be stretch out as well. This is perfect to use to those bags with long and thin handles.

Limited Edition: GIRL BOSS Handle Wraps

Price: P350.00
Approx. Dimensions:
Lenght 37.5 in
Width 1.5 in
Made from imported materials


The Girl Boss was made with Spandex sanitized and Polyester material as well. This is too thick compare to Tylissa Pastels. I find it more easy to wrap ‘cos it don’t wrinkled too much. Though, I can’t use this on my bags with long handles, because it can’t be stretch out compare to Tylissa Pastels.


How to put the Handle Wraps:
1. Estimate and measure the handle wraps  to the bag’s handle.
2. Knot the end of the scarf to the base of the handle to tightly secure it.
3. Then, start wrapping. Take note that the more tightly and evenly you wrap the scarf, the better the bag will look.

It has Moisture Adsorbent to control local humidity and absorbs moisture very well.


I’m very in love with my handle wraps! It really gives tender loving care and style to my beloved bag. What are you waiting for? Get yours now! 💋


To know more about Oh My Bag PH, visit their website or branches mentioned below.




  1. The first time na pinakita mo to sis, sobrang naattract ako sa design ng handle wraps. Di sya mumurahin tignan, akala ko 5h to 1k pataas yung price nya. 😱

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