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Hi there! I have discovered an amazing skin care set that I absolutely want to share with my readers. Today’s blog is all about My Bare Skin Specialist: Revitalizing Set. 😊


This was given to me by Ms. Rowena Los Banos to prepare a product review about this. Honestly, today’s blog is the most challenging review that I’d made. The fact that I’m required to persistently use this set and observe its changes in 2 weeks, despite of being lazy. Haha!

This revitalizing set makes someone restore its youthful radiance and healthy-looking skin. I’m truly impressed with this product ‘cos it improved my skin condition to reveal my skin radiance. And this set really helps my skin to get rid of those acne scars and dark spots that I’d been suffering for years.

Their products are all cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients which is good because who wants to apply animal fats onto their skin? No one, right? πŸ˜‚

I started using this revitalizing set last April 14 and I’ve been observing the results for the past 2 weeks.

So, here’s a review on My Bare Skin Specialist Revitalizing Set:

Price: P750.00
Available at: My Bare Skin Specialist

Revitalizing Set includes:
βšͺ Revitalizing Soap
βšͺ Revitalizing Cream
βšͺ Firming Cream with Collagen
βšͺ Revitalizing Toner
βšͺ Day cream

Product Details:

Revitalizing Soap.

A non-irritating soap that is powered with a naturally derived Peptide Complex which helps ward off the visible signs of aging and helps firm skin.



The first time I used the Revitalizing Soap, my skin instany felt soft and smooth. I also noticed that it leaves my skin glowing but my skin feel a bit tight after washing. Is it good to leave your skin tight? The answer is no because tight skin is equivalent to dry skin. Tight skin is a sign that your skin has been took off all its water that will be a cause of building up dead skin cells on your skin. But for me who’s fine to feel that after washing, cleanse skin with cold water so it’ll make your skin seem clean without consumpting your skin’s water level.
It also leaves my skin dehydrated which leads to irritation. I noticed that I had small bumps on my cheeks and it became itchy. But upon using this for few days, I never feel the same way. I think because of its hiyangan factor.

Revitalizing Toner.

A non-irritating lotion that is powered with naturally derived Peptide Complex which helps ward off the visible signs of aging and helps firm skin.
It dissolves surface dead cells to promote damage of comedomes, tradicate traces of pimples and other blemishes and limit the formation of new lesions to prevent breakouts.


After cleansing skin with Revitalizing Soap, soak a cotton pad with Revitalizing Toner then apply it on your skin. This toner has mild and soft-exfoliation which cleanses my skin, tones my complexion, smoothens my skin and removes dead skin that occur on the tight skin feeling after using the Revitalizing Soap.
I also noticed that this toner contains Ethyl Alcohol which tend to be too severe to most people especially to those who have sensitive skin. But if your skin doesn’t seem to be dry nor irritated, it will be fine to keep using this.

Day Cream.

Protect your skin when going out. It leaves your skin soft and smooth.


I use this Day Cream every morning after using Revitalizing Soap and Revitalizing Toner. This day cream helps my skin to become more hydrated and soft. It contains SPF 15 which protect my skin to sun damage when going out. The scent of this is same as the Johnson’s Baby Powder (White) which I really like.

Revitalizing Cream.

Restores and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces discoloration and improves texture to treat signs of aging making you look or feel younger, fresher, and lovelier. Apply FIRMING CREAM WITH COLLAGEN after 5 minutes for best result.


I use this Revitalizing Cream every night before going to sleep, together with the Firming Cream with Collagen. This revitalizing cream truly claims what it claims to do! πŸ‘ It really improved my skin condition and restore my skin radiance. I really noticed a huge change on my skin. No more haggard days with the help of this! Even though I’m stress and always lack of sleep, I will never suffer to dull skin again. And it really smells good like a lotion! 😍

Firming Cream with Collagen.

Wakeup to a tighter skin with a collagen that works while you sleep to address the key sign of aging. Loss collagen can cause the skin to loose its definition and youthful appearance. Collagen gives our skin softness, suppleness and keeps the skin firm and taut.


Firming Cream with Collagen is the best combo after applying Revitalizing Cream. It leaves my skin soft and firm when I wake up in the morning. This is perfect for those people who experience aging. And it smells good!😍


1. Wash the face with Revitalizing Soap. Rinse well and pat dry the skin.
2. Using facial cotton, apply Revitalizing Toner thinly all over the face. Use upward strokes.
3. Apply Day Cream before going out.

1. Wash the face with Revitalizing Soap. Rinse well and pat dry the skin.
2. Using facial cotton, apply Revitalizing Toner thinly all over the face. Use upward strokes.
3. Put on generous amount of Revitalizing Cream. Do not rinse.
4. After 5 minutes, spread substantial amount of Firming Cream with Collagen thinly all over the face. Leave it overnight.

Avoid exposure to sunlight while on treatment. Use Hydrocortisone Cream if mild irritation occurs. Discontinue the use of product if irritation persist.

Note: The photos were taken on a different lightning. It is not edited and has no filter.
Left: Night. Under a florescent light.
Right: Day. Natural lightning.



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  1. I want to try tbis soo bad!aganda nga sya sa skin sis noh? it reminds me of the popular Rejuv set but for sure mas matapang yung exfoliating power nun

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