Review: Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask

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The best pampering session for me is putting on facial mask before going to sleep. Ofcourse, no pampering session is complete without a good facial mask. So, today’s blog is all about Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask.

I got this facial mask from Ms. Genzel’s Kbeauty giveaway last March.

So, here’s a review on Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask:

Price: $ 1.90 (Based on research)
Effect: Hydration and Moisturizing
Capacity: 25 ml
Made in: Korea

Product Description

Skin troubles occur when the skin is tired and dried from aging over time or from harmful environment, stresses, and tiredness. Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask is suited to solve these worries to achieve whole new skin.

Our facial mask, besides moisturizing, also increases blood circulation, detoxifies and replenishes nutrients. In addition to all these benefits, they pamper your skin and provide an extra dimension to your skin care routine. Whether you are suffering from irritable skin or broken capillaries, Leaders Clinic stimulates your blood flow and gives you a youthful appearance. Gently exfoliating your skin, our masks maintain the natural balance of your skin. This facial mask unclogs pores by removing excess oil in your skin and also treats blemishes.

Usage. Cleanse and dry face, then refine with toner. Apply mask 15-20 minutes. Do not leave until the mask has dried up as this will dehydrate your skin. Remove and tap your face for awhile. Leave it for around 10-15 minutes for the essence be fully absorbed.

Fit. This mask is quite wide on the sides of my cheeks. It clings to the face very well that it won’t slide down even when walking.

Content. Thick cotton sheet with waves design on it and doused in a 25 ml liquid base formula. I just put the excess essence on my neck ‘cos it is great significance as my face too.

Effects. After using this hydration mask, I immediately noticed a huge difference on my skin. It left my face brighten and moisturized. My face feels soft and supple afterwards. And it definitely boost hydration which nourished the dry patches on my cheeks and nose.

Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask hydrates and gives your skin new life, which restore your skin from skin aging, sun exposure, stress, and tiredness that can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin.

I discovered that it contains glycerin and sodium hyaluronate which is good ‘cos they are some good ingredients you need to look out when you’re looking for a good skin care product. These two ingredients are moisturizing agents which leaves your skin nourished and hydrated.

I left this on my face for about 20 minutes, my skin absorbed the essence very fast. This is ideal for any skin types, even if you have sensitive or oily skin.

My skin was combination with dry flakiness. This mask saved my skin! I will definitely try their other facial masks ‘cos this brand showcase the best mask out there! I’m prone to dull skin due to stress and lack of sleep. Suprisingly, it really makes my skin brighter that I immediately notice the effects on my skin than the other facial maks that I had tried.

Upon removal of this, my skin felt very hydrated. It refreshes tired skin and reduces signs of stress. Then I massage my face with the remaining product residue.

I highly recommend this gentle yet deeply hydrating mask. It would definitely comforts and soothes your skin and it will suit all skin types. Leaders Clinic offers different variants of facial masks that will suit on different skin types and skin problems.

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  1. Nice review sis! Maganda pala sya, I try to look for this sa zalora but its not available pa eh, kaya iba nalang ang inorder ko.

    • Thank you sis. ❤ Oo sis pinakamaganda to sa lahat ng nasubukan ko 🙂 Ano inorder mo sis?

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