Product Empties: May 2016

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Time flies so fast! So, here we go again with all the things that I’ve used up for the month of May. 😊


Most of the products that I finished off every month were skin care products. So, I wanna share with you a short product review on each of my used up beauty products.

NIVEA Body Milk Whitening Cell Repair and Protect Lotion (Php 245.00)


This product claims ‘whiter fairer and smoothes skin within 14 days of regular use’ but I’ve used this continuously for how many months, but I can’t see any results at all. It also claims ’24h+ hydra IQ moisture’ but my skin still feels dry after several hours.

Repurchase? No!

Tony Moly Magic Food Golden Mushroom Mask Sheet (Free)


This mask fits well on my face unlike the other masks that I’d already tried. After using this, I really noticed a huge difference on my skin. From dry skin to moisturized skin. My face feels soft and supple. It really claims to boost hydration and it nourished some dry patches on my nose and cheeks. Though, it leaves my skin a bit sticky and hot after removing this on my face. Full review HERE.

Repurchase? Probably YES, but it’s not available in the market.

Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask Royal Jelly Nourishing Mask (Php 55.00)


It has complete nutrition to maintain healthy looking skin. This variant is perfect for dry, normal, and dull skin types. It deeply moisturizes and soothes my skin which protects it from dehydration. Full review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Leaders Clinic Derma Soul Hydration Mask (Free)


My skin was combination with dry flakiness. This mask saved my skin! I will definitely try their other facial masks ‘cos this brand showcase the best mask out there! I’m prone to dull skin due to stress and lack of sleep. Surprisingly, it really makes my skin brighter that I immediately notice the effects on my skin than the other facial mask that I had tried. Full review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask Rice Wine Yeast Moisturizing Mask (Php 55.00)


Rice Wine Yeast Moisturizing Mask is perfect to anyone with dry skin. This mask will protect your skin against dehydration and leaves your skin nourished and deeply hydrated. It also gives your skin new life and restoring skin’s natural suppleness. It also has an exceptional moisturizing and hydration effects that will give you a bright and youthful skin. Full review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask Cherry Blossoms Whitening Mask (Php 55.00)


Aside from its brightening effects, I also experienced deeply hydration which is good ‘cos I have dry patches on the sides of my nose and cheeks.
I have dull skin tone and after removing it, I noticed that it leaves my skin radiant complexion. And it truly reduced, refreshed, and brightens my skin tone. Full review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Mondes Professionals Premium Professional Hair Color and Oxidizing Emulsion Cream (not in the photo) (Php 150+ total)


Mondes Professionals is one of my trusted brands in terms of hair care products.  I’ve been using their products such as hair color and oxidizing emulsion cream for the longest time. My hair color stayed on my hair for almost 2 years without using bleach and without fading out. Aside from it, you can bought it for an affordable and reasonable price. Blog on how I color my hair at home HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Lemon! Mask Sheet (Tone Brightening/Free)


This mask sheet has Vitamin-C packed lemon extract, it purified dull and exhausted skin to became clear and transparent. My skin looks uneven and dull, it definitely brighten my dull skin tone while keeping its translucency. Aside from its brightening effects, it also nourished and moisturized my skin.
Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet (Soothing Relief/Free)

It’s been a week since I used a nose pack to remove my white heads and blackheads, I put a very thick amount of the nose pack on my nose, small area on my cheeks that have a big open pores, and on my chin. As I was removing it, I felt a bit pain ‘cos my entire facial hairs attached on the nose pack. So, my face became red and itchy. So, I decided to use this Aloe Mask Sheet to soothe the irritated areas on my face. After using this, I noticed that it totally lessen the redness and itchiness on my face. And the other thing that I liked about this, is the instant cooling sensation on heated skin.
Repurchase? Yes!

The SAEM Pure Natural Snail Mask Sheet (Free)


This is a mask sheet with filtered snail mucus that provide concentrated moisturization. Among all the mask that I’ve tried, this mask sheet is one of my favorite. This was the first mask sheet that I feel a cooling sensation, that it literally made my face cold with minty feeling. I also noticed that it tighten up my pores and made my skin radiant afterwards.
Repurchase? Yes!

Carrot Health Soap by Prudent Trading (not in the photo, I accidentally throw the boxes) (Php 69.00)


You can read my full review HERE. 😊

Purederm Botanical Choice Nose Pore Strips (Free)


Thus is easy to use and very effective in removing my white heads and blackheads. What I like about this, the strip is color brown ‘cos I enjoy looking at my white heads and blackheads. Unlike the others that have white strips. It also help to tighten my pores and remove excess oil on my nose. What I don’t like about this is its scent! It really annoys me! I can’t handle to breathe through my nose.
Repurchase? Maybe!

So, that’s all for now! 💋 ‘Til my next monthly product empties’ series! ❤

Disclaimer: All opinions were based on personal experience. It may or may not work for you!

What are your product empties for the month of May? Let me know your opinions of you already try the mentioned products above. 😊


    • Hi Mica! ❤ Thanks for dropping by! I recommend Leaders Clinic Face Masks, they have different variants depending on your skin type. 😊 You should try it! Hope you’ll handle the scent haha!

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