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Hello loves! Today’s blog is all about Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask. There are different variants of 365 Daily Mask, but I’m not sure if how many variants do they have ‘cos they’re always out of stock. I only know 4 types of their facial masks, the Rice Wine Yeast Nourishing Mask (Beige), the Cherry Blossoms Whitening Mask (Pink), the Royal Jelly Nourishing Mask (Yellow), and the Black Pearl Whitening Mask (Blue). Unfortunately, I am not able to get the Black Pearl Whitening Mask ‘cos it’s not available that time.


So, here’s a review on Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask:

Price: P55.00
Available at: Watsons
Capacity: 23 ml
Made in: Taiwan

Fit. This mask fits very well on my face. Though, I accidentally tear off the mask sheet ‘cos the cotton sheet is really thin.
Content. Really thin cotton sheet and doused in a 23 ml liquid base formula which is enough to my face and neck.



Product Details:

“Quench your skin’s thirst with moisturizing boosters to reveal a dewy soft appearance”

Effects. Leave my skin supple and quenched with a youthful looking radiance. Moisturizes my skin and leaves it smooth and soft.
Scent. I can’t figure it.

Active Ingredients
Yeast Essence. It nourishes and helps rebuild skin texture. Revitalized skin looks silky soft and luminous.
Micro Glycine. Effectively look-in moisture for immediate hydrating effects.
Hyaluronic Acid. Creates a protective barrier against water loss and intensely retains moisture for a supple luminous appearance.

Enriched with Cucumber Extract and Polyols, these potent moisturizing factors help nourish your skin and intensify hydration to create a velvety luminous appearance.


Rice Wine Yeast Moisturizing Mask is perfect to anyone with dry skin. This mask will protect your skin against dehydration and leaves your skin nourished and deeply hydrated. It also gives your skin new life and restoring skin’s natural suppleness. It also has an exceptional moisturizing and hydration effects that will give you a bright and youthful skin.


Product Details

“Experience the miraculous whitening and hydrating effects of Cherry Blossoms Extract.”

Effects. Makes my skin brighten afterwards. And leaving my skin soft and moisturized
Scent. For me, it smells like floral or rose extract.

Active Ingredients
Cherry Blossom Extract. An instant moisture booster. Your skin is soothed and hydrated with enhanced luminosity. Its long-lasting effects help keep your skin youthfully radiant with a pink translucent complexion.
Vitamin C Glucoside. Vigorously fights skin dullness and brightens skin tone. It helps refine texture and restores skin’s natural translucency.
Micro Glycine. Intensely locks in moisture for instant hydrating effects.

Enriched with moisturizing ingredients Liquorice-Extract and Polyols, it helps enhance moisture retention to create a velvety translucent complexion glowing within.


I’m the kind of person who seeks for any whitening products ‘cos we all know that Filipinos base someone’s beauty with their skin tone. Sometimes I feel so insecure to those women who have very fair and even skin tone. That’s why every time I look for a skin care product, I make sure that it has brightening effects.

I do have a lot of dark spots that I’ve suffered for years. One of the reason why I like brightening products because it helps to relieve those dark spots and it can help to lighten them.

Aside from its brightening effects, I also experienced deeply hydration which is good ‘cos I have dry patches on the sides of my nose and cheeks.

I have dull skin tone and after removing it, I noticed that it leaves my skin radiant complexion. And it truly reduced, refreshed, and brightens my skin tone.



Product Details

“Discover your skin recharged and refined with the repairing qualities of Royal Jelly.”

Effects. Deeply rejuvenate and nourishes my skin. Making it brighter, firmer, and imparting youthful glow.

Scent. For me, it smells like mango juice.

Active Ingredients
Royal Jelly Extract. Rich and nutritious, it melts into your skin to help soothe, fir, and refine. Your skin feels revitalized and smoothed.
Averola Fruit Extract. Its rich vitamin elements help replenish, nourish, and firm your skin. Corrects imperfect skin tone and unveils a tender radiant complexion.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. A high-performance hydrator, it provides prolonged moisture and helps fight dryness while offering a soothing effect.

Enriched with moisturizing ingredients Jojoba Oil, Double Hyaluronic Acids and Polyols, it helps restore skin vitality. Skin appears sensationally supple, velvety, and alluring.


Royal Jelly Nourishing Mask has complete nutrition to maintain healthy looking skin. This variant is perfect for dry, normal, and dull skin types. It deeply moisturizes and smoothes my skin which protects it from dehydration.

Overall, my favorite mask among these three is the Cherry Blossoms Whitening Mask. I highly recommend these 365 daily masks from Beauty Buffet because it’s an effective moisturizing treatment at an affordable price.


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