Product Empties: July 2016

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Hi there! Today, let’s talk about all the things that I’ve used up for the month of July! So, let me share with you a brief product review on each of my emptied beauty products.


Etude House I Need You, Pearl! Mask Sheet


Due to stress and lack of sleep, this mask sheet was a great way to brighten up my dull complexion and hydrate my flaky and tired-looking skin.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Honey! Mask Sheet


Because I was getting rid of my dark spots, I constantly put some peeling solution on the affected areas, which results to dry and rough skin. But upon using this mask sheet, it provides intense moist on my skin and gives my skin a glow.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet


As I’ve mentioned above, I am currently experiencing dull complexion and dryness on my skin, this mask sheet smoothes and firms my skin. And aside from that, it definitely gives life on my lifeless skin.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Olive! Mask Sheet


It deeply moisturized my dry and rough skin, which protects my skin from dehydration. But my cheeks felt a bit itchy afterwards, maybe because I got an allergic reaction on some of its ingredients.

Repurchase? No!

Etude House I Need You, Bamboo! Mask Sheet


This mask sheet was very relaxing and refreshing. You will feel a cooling sensation on your skin which I really like. This is perfect if you have dryness on your skin ‘cos it will give relief and moist skin.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Hyaluronic Acid! Mask Sheet


If you have a very dry skin, I highly recommend this one! This was the most rich in moisture mask sheet that I’ve ever tried! That’s why after I woke up in the morning, my skin still felt suppleness and moisture, which I really don’t like because I feel oily (I have combination skin!) and it gives me that irritating feeling.

Repurchase? No!

Etude House I Need You, Mango! Mask Sheet


This one has a really sweet scent, and it’s really refreshing ‘cos it’s somewhat smells like a mango juice. There’s a big difference on my skin after I used this. The benefits of this mask sheet really give firmness and healthy-looking skin.

Repurchase? Yes!

Etude House I Need You, Tea Tree! Mask Sheet


I like this mask sheet ‘cos it’s really relaxing and it deeply soothes my skin and helps my skin condition to become better. It definitely give a fresh and clean complexion.

Repurchase? Yes!

Iwhite Korea Nose Pack


I really love this product! Though, there are times that it’s so hard to get rid of those blackheads and white heads. So, I make sure that I apply a thick layer of it because a thin layer wouldn’t work ‘cos the blackheads and white heads wouldn’t stick on it. It’s kinda messy to apply compare to nose strips. I always put the excess nose pack solution on my chin and forehead. Honestly, it’s really hard to make a thick and even layer ‘cos it’s so sticky. I also notice that, after peeling it off, some blackheads and white heads are still on my nose. Full Review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

LORAC Porefection Mattifying Face Primer


The best face primer that I’ve ever tried! It truly claims what it claims to do, most especially the poreless-looking matte finish! I can’t even see any fine lines and pores on my face once I apply this. It really smoothen the appearance of my skin and accumulates long-wearing makeup.

The only downside for me is, it has a strong scent while applying it, but it will also disappear once it set.

Repurchase? Yes!

My Bare Skin Specialist Revitalizing Cream


This revitalizing cream truly claims what it claims to do! It really improved my skin condition and restore my skin radiance. I really noticed a huge change on my skin. No more haggard days with the help of this! Even though I’m stress and always lack of sleep, I will never suffer to dull skin again. And it really smells good like a lotion! Full Set Review HERE.

Repurchase? Yes!

Sooper Beaute Skin Brightening Creme


I used this on my elbows and knees for almost a month, and honestly I don’t see any changes. Maybe because I don’t have their whole brightening set. And lastly, what surprised me the most is, after a month of not using this, the cream was dissolved! I’m not sure if it’s the right term to use, but the product itself was gone and became harden.

Repurchase? No!

Cuddles Cotton Pad


This was the best cotton pad I tried. And aside from that, it’s very affordable compare to the other cotton pads. It was thin yet absorbent according to it claims and it’s 100% pure cotton. And lastly, it has side seams unlike the others.

Repurchase? Yes!

So, that’s all for now! 💋 ‘Til my next monthly product empties’ series! ❤

Disclaimer: All opinions were based on personal experience. It may or may not work for you!

What are your product empties for the month of July? Let me know your opinions if you already try the mentioned products above. 😊


  1. Hi sandiee! Drop here to show some love and support. Haven’t tried any of these products, but I’ll try to purchase some of them soon especially the masks😍looks promising!

    • Hi sis! 😊 Thank you for dropping by! 💕 Sad to say, but they’re already phased out! They have their new packaging and variants.

  2. ate sandieee what mask sheet do you like the most? or what mask sheet suits in dry and oily skin? | IG: @mstycrsstmo

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