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 Hello my lovely readers! ❤ I would like to share with you one of the prizes that I got  from Ms. Moe (@lipsticksandmoe)’s valentines giveaway last February. Check out the other prizes here.

So, today’s blog is all about Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer in 29! 😊


Price: $7.99 (I’m not sure of the price)

Available at: selected Watsons and SM Beauty Section

Net Weight: 10.5 ml

Made in Turkey


A new high quality nail lacquer line from Golden Rose, which covers in just one coat and creates ultra shiny nails with long lasting formula. It is applied easily with special wide brush which provides one – stroke application. Rich color alternatives complete your beauty by creating unique nails.


WIDE VARIETY: You could find any color that matches your mood, create a combination and have a different one for each day, week, and month.
FAST ACTING: This product beats any other around this price range for multiple reasons. One big factor is you don’t have to wait around for this to dry up. It acts quickly.
LONG LASTING: Each color can withstand the damages of a week. Wash your dishes and continue enjoying the beautiful polish intact.
GREAT GIFT: The hardest part about getting a gift is choosing which color you want your polish. Explore, find new colors and enjoy this great gift with everyone around.
GREAT VALUE: Unlike other products, this saves you money while not taking away any of its qualities. A top of the line product.

_20160327_110724It comes up with 70 colors. 👍❤ (Photo via

Fotor_145900117475029It would be nice if they put names than numbers so it’ll be easy to remember every shades. It also has expiration date which is good.




 1. Before you paint your nails, you need to clean your nails first! Always manicure before you start painting.Fotor_145900088979152


2. Use three strokes to apply it.

3. Apply thin coats to get your nails to dry faster.

4. Start from the center of your nails.


5. And then, two more strokes on the other sides.




I don’t usually put nail polish on my nails ‘cos I don’t have enough skills when I apply it on my nails. It always turned out to be messy. 🙁 I got this nail lacquer from Ms. Moe’s valentine giveaway, actually this was my first nail lacquer. 🙂

Overall, I would love to try other Golden Rose nail products. I was really amazed of its formulation. This product is very pigmented compare to the usual nail polish that we use. With just only one coat, you’ll get an ultra shiny finish! 🙂 It absolutely glides smoothly on my nails. It has the perfect formula! ❤ I learned to paint my own nails because of this! It’s so easy to use because it has the right consistency. It really gives my nails a perfect coverage. This product is made up of maxi brush which ensure the exact coverage in just one swipe. Because it’s a nail lacquer, expect that it dries quickly because of its quick drying formulation. And it usually stays on my nails up to 15 days. The scent is the same from an ordinary nail polish. Honestly, I love to smell it! Hehe! 😀

I highly recommend this to all ladies out there! 🙂 Especially to those who have a hard time painting their nails. 🙂


Did you already heard of this nail lacquer? What do you think? Share them below! 🙂 I would  appreciate it if I saw your names below. :)

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