Review: Sooperbeaute Wipe Out Gentle Makeup Remover

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It’s extremely important to remove your makeup with makeup remover before cleansing your face that’s why I’m so glad that this oil-based makeup remover came into my life! 🙂

As I promised on my previous blogs, I’ll be reviewing everything that I received from giveaways. So today’s blog is all about Sooperbeaute Wipe Out Gentle Makeup Remover. I got this product from Ms. Yasmin (@insidemakeupbeauty) giveaway 🙂


Price: Php 380.00

Net Weight: 60ml

Available at:


A gentle makeup remover that will WIPE OUT all traces of makeup with one swoop! Leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple without the sting. It’s so gentle because we made it with Castor Oil and Cornflower extract to depuff tired eyes and visibly diminish fine lines and tone skin around the eyes.





  1. Shake the bottle well before you use it so that both levels merge. (Look at the picture below to see what it should look like after shaking.)


2. Pour a desired amount on a cotton pad. (You can also use cotton balls)


3. Put the cotton pad on your skin for a few seconds while it works to break down all the makeup.



4. Gently wipe it away.



5. Continue the same process until it’s completely clean the traces of your makeup to get rid of oil residues.




Using makeup remover before cleansing will ensure all traces of makeup are remove, that will prevent your skin from clogged pores, wrinkles, pimples and breakouts.

Oil-based makeup remover is good for removing long-wearing makeup and it really takes off your makeup in one swipe.

Many makeup removers contain harsh ingredients that are a bit strong on those who have sensitive skin, that’s why this product is perfect for everyone ‘cos this contains natural ingredients like Castor Oil and Cornflower Extract.

Overall, I love everything about this product! This is such an amazing makeup remover. 🙂 Compare to the other brands, this product is very affordable, effective and made up with natural ingredients.

I recommend this to all ladies that looking for an almost perfect oil-based makeup remover! 🙂 But I don’t recommend this to lazy ladies. 😀

You may visit their outlets and follow their social media accounts. 🙂


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Did you already try this product? Any thoughts? What is your current makeup remover? Share them below! 🙂 I would  appreciate it if I saw your names below. 🙂




  1. My current makeup remover is Biore Cleansing Oil. It is also effective in removing stubborn waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. I’m already finishing my second bottle right now. 🙂

    • Hi sis! ❤ Thank you for reading and for sharing your current makeup remover. ☺ How much is that? I might try it out when I run out of my sooperbeaute.

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