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Do you want to get rid of your dry, flaky, chapped lips? Worry no more! ‘cos here’s the answer to your problem, loves! The Smooch Lip Scrub from Go Bare PH which is 100% organic and cruelty-free. 🙂


You know guys how much I love wearing matte lipsticks. However, there are some matte lipsticks that tend to dry out my lips. Long ago, I don’t even know the importance of a lip scrub. Thankfully, Ms. Julia (@shopperhoarder) open my mind about lip scrubs. I really admire her lip swatches, that you can’t even see fine lines or dry areas on her full and smooth lips. So out of my curiosity, I asked her and here’s our short conversation. Hihi!


Tadah! She just shared her secret to achieve that beautiful smooth lips.

So, here’s a review on Go Bare Ph Smooch Lip Scrub:

Price: Php 45.00
Available at: Go Bare Ph 
Flavor: Strawberry
Other Flavor: Peppermint
Net Wt: 10g

Ingredients and their benefits:
Raw Sugar. Helps to exfoliate away the dead skin cells on your lips.
Olive Oil. Keeps your lips to become soft and supple ‘cos it restore and protect your lips from drying and becoming chapped.
Cold pressed Grape seed Oil. It can prevent and heal chapped lips.

How to use a lip scrub:
Get a sufficient amount, gently rub the scrub on your lips in a circular motion to exfoliate your lips for about a few minutes.
Wash off your lips with warm water or gently wipe it away using a tissue/wet wipes to avoid messy application.
Apply lip balm to moisturize your lips.


This was the second lip scrub that I’ve tried and I admit, this one is much better! I use lip scrub every other day and it leaves my lips soft and exfoliated, then I put my favorite Sooperbeaute Tinte Kiss Balm to condition and moisturize my lips.

This Smooch Strawberry Lip Scrub is obviously smells like a real strawberry. It smells good enough to eat, even their other products!

Hmm.. Guys, I have a confession to make! I’ve been tempted to taste this! Hahahaha! It tastes so sweet like an ordinary sugar! No need to worry guys, ‘cos this lip scrub doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, it’s 100% made from natural ingredients. But please don’t do it likewise, this is not meant to eat, however, it was meant for exfoliating your dry lips to make them smooth and healthy lips.

Go Bare Ph Smooch Lip Scrub comes in a small plastic pot jar and are cruelty free lip exfoliator that were made from organic. The only downside of their packaging is, the scrub goes to the side of the container which becomes a bit messy to deal with. And by the way, it has an expiration date at the bottom.


But I’m glad that this Smooch Lip Scrub is very much a sugary exfoliator, unlike my previous lip scrub that it can’t almost exfoliate my lips. It has a grainy texture, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I like its formulation ‘cos I can feel that it truly exfoliate my lips and make it soft and smooth after use.


Anyway, I use lip scrub in the bathroom so it couldn’t be bothersome and it would be easy for me to wash it off.

Go Bare PH Smooch Lip Scrub comes with two flavors, the Strawberry and the Peppermint. I’m excited to try their Peppermint and wonder what would be its taste. Hahaha!


Overall, this lip scrub is a lip saver! It actually help me to remove my dry, chapped lips. And it gently treat and smoothes lips to maintain and achieve a healthy, smooth, and beautiful lips.

What I love about Go Bare PH Smooch Lip Scrub

♡ Very affordable.

♡ Exfoliate my lips very well.

♡ Made from 100% natural ingredients.

♡ Treats dry, flaky, chapped lips.

♡ Moisturizing.

♡ Smells good and tastes good as well!

♡ Cruelty-free.

What I don’t love about Go Bare PH Smooch Lip Scrub

♡ The scrub goes to the side of the container which becomes a bit messy to deal with.

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What’s your favorite lip scrub?

Have you tried Smooch Lip Scrub?

Have you tried anything from Go Bare PH?

Share them below! <3



  1. I love this lip scrub too. And just like you, I did taste it 😀 Hahaha! This is an effective exfoliator and I use it once a week. :)♥

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